2021 Education Highlights

Vaccination administration 

With the COVID-19 pandemic highlighting the importance of vaccination as a safety measure to prevent the spread of illness, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has expanded the COVID-19 vaccine workforce to include doctors of optometry. A series of courses covering Red Cross CPR/AED certification and intramuscular injection administration will be offered this year. This content aligns with the specific requirements to register as a volunteer vaccinator.

Office-based surgery

Contemporary optometry and advanced scope of practice go hand in hand. This year attendees will be able to take surgical courses that are part of AOA's effort to provide access to continuous education around this growing topic. Courses will allow for hands-on application along with the necessary didactic components that support the practice of injections and sutures in an office setting.

Practice success panels

Throughout Optometry's Meeting, one-hour panels will be held to allow colleagues to share how they adapted through the pandemic to ensure their practice continued to meet the needs of their patients. These panels will highlight different AOA members sharing their experiences about overcoming the challenges of the past year and advancing the practice of optometry. One of the Practice Success panels will highlight the AOA's Board of Trustees discussing the COVID-19 health crisis and its impact on the practice of optometry.

Hybrid education

In order to offer a worry-free experience, a hybrid version of the education and professional development that is expected of Optometry's Meeting Education Schedule is available for those seeking the opportunity to attend courses but are not able join us in Denver. The schedule of courses offered in Room 1 on the Education Schedule will be livestreamed following the schedule as published; these courses will be broadcast according to the Mountain Standard Time Zone. To find more information regarding participating in these hybrid courses, look under the Registration information provided in Registration information provided in the Conference Preview.

AOA Credit

Throughout your career, you are on a path of constant education to ensure you are delivering the high-quality primary eye health and vision care patients seek. The pursuit of greater knowledge, skills and abilities is at the heart of the optometry profession and as the organization committed to serving doctors of optometry in meeting the eye care needs of the public, the AOA is dedicated to delivering the year-round continuing education and professional development that doctors and paraoptometric staff seek. To deliver meaningful, modern and applicable information, the AOA has begun offering association credit for courses offered through AOA channels. This evolution allows for the AOA to expand education offerings and deliver clinical, business, and communication-related topics that advance the practice of contemporary optometry. AOA credit satisfies most state boards' continuing education requirements and is respected by many organizations within the practice of optometry. Attendees will note that not all courses will carry AOA credit, as some courses will continue to qualify for COPE credit. It is advised that attendees verify their state board requirements prior to selecting courses to attend. This new AOA credit expands the concept of what continuing education is while still maintaining high standards for education and delivering innovative and unique content not found in other meetings and offerings. We look forward to learning and continuing to grow our education offerings so that you can deliver eye health and vision care to the country.